Commercial, Industrial, Residential Concrete Polishing

Stone Hill Construction is the premier concrete polishing contractor in the Shenandoah Valley. We offer a long line of options from commercial concrete restoration to mirror-finish polished floors and everything in between.   Using our powerful and efficient machines, we can grind and restore damaged old concrete, remove old glues, paints, epoxy and thin sets, or create a high polish, showroom-style finish. Most importantly, with our premier vacuum system, we can do this all in a dustless, mess-free manner. 

For a typical concrete polish job, we will begin by using diamond grinding bits to grind the existing concrete floor to a flat, clean starting point. In this stage we can remove ugly spalls and scratches, as well as any glue or paint that was previously applied to the floor. Depending on the desired end result, we can remove more material to expose heavy aggregate in the concrete, or keep aggregate exposure to a minimum. From there, we work back up, using finer grit tooling for each pass to smooth the floor out. While grinding with the diamond tooling, we will treat the floor with grout and densifier, to fill in pores and bug holes, and re-harden the surface of the concrete. After densifying, we will transition to copper pads to remove fine scratches in the floor. Finally, we will switch to polishing pads and polish the floor to the desired finish, stopping before the final pass to apply a protective sealer which is burnished in to the floor.  We can polish up to a 3000 grit, high gloss finish that is highly reflective and is sure to be the show piece of any room.

Polished Concrete, A Great Finish for Commercial and Retail Spaces

Commercial and warehouse flooring is one of the biggest maintenance headaches for companies. Years of hard use and heavy forklift traffic can damage floors and create trip hazards, chalking and maintenance issues for forklift fleets.  Stone Hill has years of experience restoring and repairing damaged flooring, and has the capability to tackle tens of thousands of square feet at a time. Let us help you solve the biggest headache in your plant or warehouse and create a working surface that will last for years to come.