Our Team of Highly Skilled Concrete Professionals


Every commercial and industrial construction project needs a concrete contractor. At Stone Hill Construction we can handle this phase of your project as well. Our concrete crew has the expertise to make sure your concrete foundations and flatwork are done correctly. You can rely on us for concrete curb and gutter, commercial concrete repair, and more. We also have experience with industrial concrete demo and replacement and are flexible enough to work together around production schedules, making sure that your plant stays as productive as possible while we do our work.


Concrete Parking Lots

If you are considering a superior surface for your parking lot, we would be happy to discuss the option of pouring a durable concrete surface that will serve you well for decades with almost no maintenance costs. It’s true that there is a higher upfront price to go with a concrete driveway or parking area but the long term benefits well outweigh the initial investment. Concrete is much more durable than asphalt, and does not require those periodic cleaning and resealing to maintain it. 


Commercial Flatwork Contractor

We understand how important a solid floor is for any building project. That’s why we take special care to pour concrete that meets or exceeds local building code requirements. Our floors can be trowel finished or if you would like to take it a step further we can polish concrete floor to a fine shine that is easy to clean and has an amazing, unique look.


If you need a concrete contractor for commercial or industrial work let us know! We would be honored to be considered as a trusted contractor for your project in the surrounding areas of  Harrisonburg and Charlottesville Virginia.