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Pack Barns

Stone Hill Construction built this beautiful custom Bull Barn.

Pack Barns

As an alternative to traditional housing for cattle, bedded-pack barns can help modernize your facilities while minimizing initial capital costs. Rather than using individual stalls (which traditional housing methods utilize), bedded-pack barns provide a large bedded resting pen. Generally, the bedding that is laid down on the floor is some combination of wood shavings or dried sawdust. A properly maintained bedded-pack barn provides a comfortable and healthy environment for your herd.

While capital costs are initially lower to build a bedded pack barn than a traditional individual stall barn, the annual maintenance is higher for a bedded-pack barn due to using more bedding and more labor to change out the bedding. Some studies show, however, that a bedded-pack barn is healthier for your cows and helps prevent lameness which can therefore increase milk production in your dairy cows.

North Pointe Farm Bedded Pack Barn

This bedded pack barn is an example of a wide and clear span that steel construction enables you to achieve which a wood structure would not.  This particular project used galvanized steel.

Botkin Pack Barn

The Botkin Pack Barn is a great example of a concrete and wood version of a bed pack feeding barn.

Kibler Bull Barn

The Kibler Bull Barn is an example of a mono truss structure which helps achieve the wide footprint of the building.  We also poured and placed the internal feed bunks. 

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